Beast Reacts

Beast Reacts Beast Reacts

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Chris and the MrBeast crew roast and review the internet's favorite life hacks and experiments.


6:12Jumping from 128,000 Feet!
Jumping from 128,000 Feet!Aufrufe 6 Mio.Vor 14 Stunden
6:52World's Tallest Tower!
World's Tallest Tower!Aufrufe 4,3 Mio.Vor 7 Tage
8:01Insane Water Slides!
Insane Water Slides!Aufrufe 10 Mio.Vor 7 Tage
10:32The Best 900 IQ Outplay Ever!
The Best 900 IQ Outplay Ever!Aufrufe 3,5 Mio.Vor 14 Tage
6:58Bowling Ball vs 600 Feet Drop!
Bowling Ball vs 600 Feet Drop!Aufrufe 9 Mio.Vor 21 Tag
8:03Water Balloons in Slow Motion!
Water Balloons in Slow Motion!Aufrufe 10 Mio.Vor 21 Tag
15:09Hydro Dipping a PS4 Controller!
Hydro Dipping a PS4 Controller!Aufrufe 4,6 Mio.Vor year
11:57Lava vs Iphone XS!
Lava vs Iphone XS!Aufrufe 1,7 Mio.Vor year
11:33Hydraulic Press vs Bowling Ball!
Hydraulic Press vs Bowling Ball!Aufrufe 1,4 Mio.Vor year
14:071000 Degree Ball vs Toothpaste!
1000 Degree Ball vs Toothpaste!Aufrufe 3,7 Mio.Vor year
10:55Liquid Nitrogen vs Samsung!
Liquid Nitrogen vs Samsung!Aufrufe 970 Tsd.Vor year
11:28Hydraulic Press vs Steel Weight!
Hydraulic Press vs Steel Weight!Aufrufe 4,7 Mio.Vor year
10:16Thor’s Hammer vs Helmet!
Thor’s Hammer vs Helmet!Aufrufe 7 Mio.Vor year
14:05iPhone 11 Vs FIREWORKS!
iPhone 11 Vs FIREWORKS!Aufrufe 747 Tsd.Vor year
14:04Dry Ice Swimming Pool!
Dry Ice Swimming Pool!Aufrufe 2,5 Mio.Vor year
14:03Magma Vs Liquid Nitrogen!
Magma Vs Liquid Nitrogen!Aufrufe 576 Tsd.Vor year
14:20Sledge Hammer vs Shredder!
Sledge Hammer vs Shredder!Aufrufe 3,9 Mio.Vor year
13:461,000 Degree Ball VS Frozen Water
1,000 Degree Ball VS Frozen WaterAufrufe 700 Tsd.Vor year
14:32Wolverine Claws vs Watermelon!
Wolverine Claws vs Watermelon!Aufrufe 3,7 Mio.Vor year
15:46Best of BeastHacks! - Matchstick Edition
13:46Best of BeastHacks! - iPhone Edition
Best of BeastHacks! - iPhone EditionAufrufe 1,7 Mio.Vor year
13:57Ultimate Chainsaw vs Pepsi!
Ultimate Chainsaw vs Pepsi!Aufrufe 600 Tsd.Vor year
14:261,000 Degree Knife vs Coca Cola
1,000 Degree Knife vs Coca ColaAufrufe 1,4 Mio.Vor year
14:13Ultimate Coca Cola vs Mentos Experiment!
14:21Industrial Shredder VS Watermelon!
Industrial Shredder VS Watermelon!Aufrufe 1,5 Mio.Vor year
13:382,805 DEGREE LAVA VS Watermelon!
2,805 DEGREE LAVA VS Watermelon!Aufrufe 1,5 Mio.Vor year
13:471,000 Degree Ball VS iPhone 11
1,000 Degree Ball VS iPhone 11Aufrufe 2,2 Mio.Vor year
13:42Ultimate Hydraulic Squishy Ball
Ultimate Hydraulic Squishy BallAufrufe 3,4 Mio.Vor year