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0:08My Boyfriend is the Biggest Baby #shorts
0:12My Boyfriend HATES When I do This... #shorts
0:06She Only Wants One Thing... #shorts
She Only Wants One Thing... #shortsAufrufe 118 Tsd.Vor 8 Tage
DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO!Aufrufe 1,7 Tsd.Vor 8 Tage
0:13Do NOT Try This At Home! #shorts
Do NOT Try This At Home! #shortsAufrufe 66 Tsd.Vor 8 Tage
0:13Mitchell Doesn't Love Me Anymore... #shorts
5:03Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge!
Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge!Aufrufe 1,5 Tsd.Vor 15 Tage
0:14Shushing My Girlfriend Prank #shorts
Shushing My Girlfriend Prank #shortsAufrufe 162 Tsd.Vor 15 Tage
0:15Cheating On My Boyfriend PRANK #shorts
Cheating On My Boyfriend PRANK #shortsAufrufe 63 Tsd.Vor 15 Tage
2:05Our Couples Night Time Routine!!
Our Couples Night Time Routine!!Aufrufe 3 Tsd.Vor 22 Tage
0:17Pretending to Be My Girlfriend When's MAD
0:13Step Bro, I'm Stuck in the Dryer.. #shorts


  • The stick 🤣

  • Yea but thats 4

  • Imagine if their parents or kid watch this

  • "pretty" boys are more likely to be full of themselves which is a turn off.

  • Parents must be so proud !!

  • That's 4

  • It's the second one for me

  • Watch out 😂


  • Lol there is no right answer to this question fellas just run out the door

  • What if the boyfriend is bi, enjoy dad

  • My favourite style

  • She looks more like mandy moore

  • Oh

  • How about I don’t give a fuck

  • When I was holding my eyeball to my face because he had busted my eye socket. Stupid me not double checking his bag for tdy to make sure he had everything right? Like hell am I ever going to give anyone the chance to do that to me again.

  • Tik tok is cancer this channel is also cancer

  • Not me watching this 3 times 😂

  • Hahaha these two crack Me up . 😂😂😂

  • Why he fr sound like pigeon off Mike Tysons mysteries?

  • He looks like Maurizio Costanzo!

  • Move im jumping off the balcony..

  • I can totally see it 😂🤣

  • 'Why are you always have to do like that', English not even my first language, and I can tell what's wrong

  • No son vid react vid thou?

  • “U want some snacks” sadly that part happened to me loool

  • "Whatever you do to my daughter, I'm gonna do to you" Bisexuals: "That was the plan all along"

  • The “watch out” at the end got me sp00ked

  • I like the last one😂😂😂

  • That guy looks like a monster.

  • They had us in the first half

  • Cring 😁😁😁🤭

  • This isnt even funny.. its so toxic. And to think yall sit around imagining yourselves walking in on your daughter is straight out wrong. And to make it worse, in your "demonstration " on what youd do yall continue to walk in staring at where your "daughter would be" if yall were to walk in on her instead of looking away or leaving the room.....

  • Sitting at home watching DEname

  • Videos are disgusting these days there's no class

  • ever heard of privacy. knock on the door. you cant get mad at your daughter for doing “that”because thats how you would have a daughter in the first place

  • That was your favorite shirt 😂

  • Sheeeeeeeeesh

  • Cause he is loyal!

  • Horny.

  • Officer dufus 😂😂


  • Her face at the end lmfao

  • Why cant they shave armpits ? Just some strokes and that area will be clean af, ew

  • Dumb

  • This hurts. I don't want to live in a world where this is what people think is good

  • Just me that thinks he looks likr jschlatt?

  • Yeah I’m jumping off the balcony, move

  • this shit was not funny at all

  • That's so cute 😍

  • Oh my God I love your guises videos I show everybody your videos and they all subscribe they agree with me and think you guys are so awesome keep up the good work you guys make so many peoples days by making these videos not just me but many many other people that I show your videos to they love them and it really put a smile on her face is so keep up the good work you too by the way your girlfriend super beautiful everyone thinks she’s so gorgeous you’re so lucky to be with her man you best and be treating her good eh SENDING LOTS OF LIGHT & LOVE YOURE GUYS WAY!!! BIG HELLO FROM LONDON ONTARIO CANADA 🇨🇦 🇨🇦

  • He was wearing joggers :)

  • The way he said seriously delete that had me rolling💀☠️

  • How about you just leave them alone

  • Me Damn can talk like keep it the fuck down I'm watching American pickers

  • This bouta cause somany arguments

  • Ok if i had a women like that I wouldn't even think or going out anyways why would I I'd have everything I need right there.

  • Love form India ..😍

  • I mean everyone who thinks this is toxic, THE INSULT WAS DOOCHEBAG IDIOT SANDWICH. Calm down that's like the funniest joke ever

  • 🤮

  • Learn gentlemen 🤙

  • Stupid stop stupid stupid

  • Kids are also here, I believe these people would love to show their kids how they made them

  • I thought it would be hitler

  • Did anybody hear the fart?

  • The first one killed me

  • Vaping=bad

  • -50

  • Are adult people like this (who do tiktok. Especially tiktoks like THIS???) actually allowed to get Kids?

  • She definitely seems like more of a man than he does

  • Your doing it all wrong she like it like this....

  • I mean this one isn't as bad because I can relate

  • This was shit

  • TikTok Cringe Family