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39:27Living through Libya's wars | Untold Chaos


  • So this is legal but I can't drink alcohol 🙂

  • GBY Governor

  • Haha my home town 😃

  • Because they don’t weigh anything

  • In a couple of months people will forget and next elections Modi will win again

  • At less sing n dance in the church like u black

  • Hello from Argentina! Thank you very much for posting this video. Some classmates and I are analysing its linguistic resources and rhetorical devices for different college assignments. I would like to know who we should cite as the authors of the ad (we use the APA style). Should we include The Guardian Media Group or just The Guardian? The idea is to be as precise and accurate as necessary in the references so as to avoid any instance of plagiarism. Your advertisement is very interesting and compelling and it has lots of examples of intertextuality and interdiscursivity, that's why we chose it for linguistic analysis. The award you won for it is well-deserved, in my opinion. Hope to hear from you!

  • This guy is disgusting

  • Funny thing is eu members can stay

  • I worked in an African American area and publix closed down and moved because of the constant stealing, then Winn Dixie did too. That's why.

  • Maybe lower the cost of living so the people who are born on that island can at least fees themselves. Wow

  • This literally reminds me of Megan is missing

  • As crazy as this might sound I remember the days when the Guardian was a left leaning newspaper.

  • It’s not hunters, but farmers VS conservationists. As a Norwegian who’s family is farmers, it’s a lot of bigotry etc. going on. Yes many looses life stock to predators, my own relatives included who decided to stop having sheep, and only focuses now on meat and dairy aka kettle, but usually it’s not the wolf. But the farmers loves to blame the wolf, and tries with every means necessary to make it go extinct! It’s usually the wolverines, bears, and eagles that takes most life stock! If it was up to the farmers there wouldn’t be any predators at all in Norway…

  • The houses shown abandoned are the houses built to replace the houses lost in the fire.

  • 😂... this aged like milk.

  • "Here's a better question, can you name ANYTHING they get right on the subject?" 2 thumbs up to the guy who grew up taking his gun to school. My dad took his to school. Up at 4, checking traps done by 5, hunt till 745. After school he'd go check the traps, drop off any game at home, do homework, eat supper, do chores, then hunt till 8 and go home and shower, get a snack, and do the same the next day. Heck the school principal and a few teachers encouraged the kids to hunt their property.

  • Interesting to watch this after the whitewash of the local elections. I’m sure Owen Jones works for the Conservative party. He is bad for labour.

  • Long live Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛GO BETITAR

  • Dirtiest country in the globe ..2021. .that's why no wonder highest numbers of infected patients with covid 19 and has highest morbidity rate

  • When people got close to finishing the tour, he probably “extended” the tour.

  • At 1:15, what is that orange barrier?

  • This is how you can legally be a psychopath!!

  • It's just a utopian dream

  • Guys I can't believe I got real gun from *mrmasterglock on wickr* few days ago.

  • Cutting does men is much easier. Cut out dem men balls

  • The west is so dirty for hundred years.we need change

  • This makes fear factor look like a tea party

  • “ seven years ago we had a heart attack pretty exciting” I- what

  • Just make the purge a thing then, just make the purge a legal thing, go on, do it...

  • We are all a mix of different races unless we come from very small and isolated communities in obscure parts of the world.

  • Disproven by who

  • More wars have been started in the name of religion than any other reason. So without religion no more wars.

  • Man, I wouldn’t understand anything Thatcher says without the subtitles

  • America

  • Am i the only one who will start throwing punches because i will be fcking scared?

  • Why are they always males dressing like women

  • Mrbeast “Europe has weird laws so i can’t do stuff there” AMERICA:

  • All I hear is the government could end child trafficking and they didn't Snowden is a hero that exposed the governments leniency to obeying the constitution

  • No more kids eradication of human race cut population and then plenty of opportunities

  • He made it very easy to understand yet comprehending is completely different

  • I can’t tell you right now I’ve been beaten n other things personally in my life n there’s no way I’d do this

  • British expats enjoy bowling in the sun 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿👍

  • Rashads got Some Real Sugar In “her” tank GURL! 2 Snaps An TA-werl girl!!

  • This Kind of thing wouldn’t happen in a white neighborhood, dumb*ss

  • I’m a young girl a I like scary stuff but this has me shaking

  • U just got to make a deal with the devil

  • Wye do all the adults I am seeing on this look like thy have donuts 🍩 for all 6 meals a day 😋 gross

  • Am I the only one here who started feeling nauseous while watching this?

  • Marriage cant be a feminist act because no sane man wants to marry a feminist 🤷‍♂️ the end

  • Everthing she said it is true it keep u in there is force that keeps u in

  • Americans are strange.

  • What song did they play?

  • My favorite women are those with no kids. Kudos, Sophisticates

  • What was he expecting?!?

  • Imagine you're hanging out in a hot tub and all of a sudden some strange looking beings starts gathering around you to smile and make clicking sounds with weird devices

  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • modern Italians are a mixture of Romans (mostly) + Germanics (Ostrogoths, Lombards, Heruli and Normans). in the south the phenotype changes a bit, as there are Greek + Roman and Germanic ancestry.

  • what electronic arts got to do with all this ?

  • I feel the pain of every victim. Anyone that would abuse another human being should no longer be considered human.

  • Why cant Businesses build a unique villiage that would fit a jungle theme and Let Anty Twinkle basically be the Mayor of the village. Bringing back some of the old way with the new. And actually creating it to be a destination where they can Talk Story snd Show the success of what Anty Twinkle has and is. Beautiful Familys Aloha.

  • Not everyone is cut out to have children. If your inner voice is screaming.., No, don't do it. The children suffer 😔 😔 😔

  • Disgusting.

  • I pray this airhead never has children.

  • Elections are the finest time to get votes by trigger the issues of separation of state from a European Union , merging countries separation from each other like ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND. , Disputed land violation by the governing party like BJP in india on issue of Kashmir ,ISLAMOPHOBIC horror in the country to gain votes from the layman who doesn't know about constitution , COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS OF RELIGIONS not only the voters vote for the change in society but also for the next generation. If you respect other religion they respect yours

  • “Participants might leave McKamey Manor with unintentional mental distress” meanwhile. Shoving a wet towel in the mouth of a woman who hasn’t signed the waiver yet

  • if you didn't die from covid you would die from the smoke 🤣😂

  • This People is just sick why would u like to do that to People

  • Guya yandırıb getmeselerde buların o iyrənc evlerinde qalacaydig yaxşı elədiz yandırdız işimizi asanlaşdırdız onsuzda gəlib yerinen bir edeceydik mundar mexluqlar

  • Its just sadder that he has children, i Mean they have seen a lot or must have wierd fantasies about their dad

  • Russia is the most homophobic country in eu, not poland!

  • So not fair x K from UK 🇬🇧

  • Must be easier to be homeless in a place with nice weather.

  • Investing in crypto now is very cool especially with the current rise in the market now

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    • Please how can I reach out to Mrs Allen lisa you all are talking about

    • Please how does this bitcoin stuff really work I think I'm interested and willing to start with$4,000

    • Anyone who introduced you to Mrs Allen lisa truly love you

  • This is for people that wanna trill not ordinary people .

  • They should keep in mind that the young take care of the old, if you stop having children, who will care for you one day?

  • That women doesn't look ok

  • Let's hope hope these religious nutters never get hold of the atomic bomb.

  • If this is still around I want to do it ‼️