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A Rocket League Entertainer And News Channel,
If You're a fan of Rocket League and you want Information about Updates First then I think this just might be the Channel For You :D

If you aren't here for the news don't worry, Because aside I also upload trading videos, Tutorials, Showcases and Tips Frequently
What I'm trying to say is that this channel is an all round rocket league entertainment Channel.
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xD I realise this isn't a letter to the Queen... PEACE!


6:41BEST TRADE UPS On Rocket League In SEASON 3!
11:19ALL FREE ITEMS On Rocket League In Season 3!
9:13How To Get A FREE WHITE OCTANE On Rocket League
13:26Reacting To The Rocket League Movie
Reacting To The Rocket League MovieAufrufe 22 Tsd.Vor 14 Stunden
8:49SEASON 3 DROP OPENING On Rocket League!
SEASON 3 DROP OPENING On Rocket League!Aufrufe 78 Tsd.Vor 14 Stunden


  • i like the mustang more than the f1

  • Scarab>octane

  • PS4: Matrix_youtube16

  • Epic games: joniba123

  • Epic:Osaka_Senpai

  • I bought Endgame but few minutes later it disappeared from my inventory for some reason... Fortunately I got it back when my game crashed!

  • You lied


  • what is the decal called

  • what’s the decal

  • what’s the decal called???

  • My psn for the giveaway is: PRM_mxestal

  • OMG I wish he sees my comment I’m on PlayStation and my EPIC USERNAME IS Amazingblade10 If I win this it would mean the world to me Keep up the hard work and the grind

  • scarab:octane

  • Switch mertzy

  • i like the noob one

  • Ps4: pingewin

  • Psn: megacatty5 I would really like a white octane because I would be able to carry on trading with my friend and give him some credits so that he can trade more as he can't spend money on the game. keep up the good work!

  • I’m on PS4, my gamer tag is Tricera_Darkzy

  • Epic Games : tom.pxs good luck everyone <3

  • Xbox: Young11Swag

  • Xbox - StarPrism11

  • Xbox NoLxve Knox

  • PS4 zilltronic

  • Xbox:TACO ON CAT

  • I live in New Zealand and have a iOS device. What do I do…?

  • I’m on pc, epic: plutonic.rl

  • Do a tier list on black market goal explosions.

  • Ps4 - Jacko-smacko Love ya work !!

  • It doesn’t get any better than pixel singing his own theme after a dd and getting another to revive the next line

  • Interestelar is the Best black market

  • 20k for tw Nissan skyline

  • Epic: CrackedCarotts69

  • I love how everybody in the game get their rocket credits easily, We get our credits from x570.online

  • When u didn’t know white gold existed 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  • I have never won anything free from youtubers I try soo hard

  • Omg No longer Giveaways for pc only Hoooly Thank you RL Exczange u make me and other ps4 player happy And you too Loooove the vids I entered of course and i think its not worth to juy the mic drop my personal opinion i dont like the hands in rocket league i dont like the hand goalexplosion from acculator series 2 (tourney season 2) either (My english isnt that good i guess so sorry for my terrible gramma im from germany)

  • Epic: UmairTheNerfBoy

  • no joke i saw it in the trailer, and said to my frined 'yoo, this octane looks wierd' ngl

  • ps4 guedesf116

  • Half of the video is just pickapixel

  • I just got tw yorebands

  • Xbox: Kaotik9#4664

  • Its interesting that they decided to add a Nascar and a formula 1 car and the Tyranno

  • PS4 TTV_lilpickle08

  • my trade ups take forever to process idk why

  • Hey i saw your comment on my video, i cant see though, it doesnt show up lmao comments are so broken rn

  • Cap it didint come out

  • Wait since when was a rose gold and who gold a thing and also a colored big splash

  • I’m on pc my epic is gary.whinthorp

  • can I get in the vid please I got cobalt octane in a rare pack

  • xbox: Drcontagious643 please i really want it

  • PS4 Mrwooders10

  • Pc: epic: FunNLPower_020

  • you can also use Linares decal

  • The noob is 100% my brothers I love how accurate that is

  • Does it have to be rocket leuages stream

  • and the other im from tunisia and haw

  • lyer and i want to it free with out australia

  • Good luck to everyone for the white octane!!! 👍

  • how much will the bundles cost?

  • Noob = Crappy decal, weird colours, a topper, some THICC wheels maybe 3-Lobe, rainbow flag antenna Pro = No decal, cristiano wheels, alphaboost / sparkles Hacker = DaConvertible But ur vid was entertaining af bro 😂❤

  • How can you get the goal explosion?

  • Done” “Xbox: hikingtbgamer’ “ love the vids keep up the gd work 150k by the end of the yr hope you get there🤞 I also got scammed today as I was trading for white octane 😭 people be aware”

  • Hi! I like your videos! Epic: monkey flossing

  • You can’t use your wall in the phase in a real game.

  • I have both and i from Australia and it didn't work

  • Ps4: thee_nightfury

  • what mod did u use ?

  • Switch name: justNoah. Epic:Noah13768

  • Xbox: SuperMogs

  • Ps4:Peppi59/Epic:Peppi59