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10:04I Tried The Glowing Apple Logo Mod....
6:52iPhone 7 Plus Found On Road 100% Legit
0:37How Many Mods Is too Many Mods? #Shorts
0:58The Rice Did Not Help... #Shorts
The Rice Did Not Help... #ShortsAufrufe 981 Tsd.Vor 15 Tage
0:53I Bought The Fake iPhone 11 Pro.... #Shorts
1:17Epic Face Reveal
Epic Face RevealAufrufe 637 Tsd.Vor 22 Tage
1:00She Broke It Right After I fixed it... #Shorts
0:27It's So Bright! #Shorts
It's So Bright! #ShortsAufrufe 855 Tsd.Vor 22 Tage
10:55Who Hurt You iPad Mini 5?..... Restored
0:57iPod 4.. Why Are These Impossible?? #Shorts


  • Bro just get a new one

  • Cut your nails man

  • Nice video sir

  • I saw face reveal

  • _That phone is basically a gun against epileptic people._

  • R.Il.P

  • I need you to fix my phone it doesn’t take pics from the back anymore and goes black also the flashlight works anyone know how to fix it??

  • I love how every time it’s fixed it gets broken again

  • I grab my pull tabs with tweezers and roll the tape up with the tweezers until it releases, it basically doesn’t stretch the tape as much as by hand and it doesn’t rip them as easily

  • Maintain your phones people lol

  • Your videos are therapeutic bro. Lol.

  • I need that

  • I bet that a power bank with the same capacity costs less than just this shell.

  • Rip

  • Did he just forget to put the taptic engine back in?😂

  • Can you make a video on how to send you electronic s

  • Get a soldering iron... and you can remove everything

  • I got the notification now R u serious youtube...?

  • How do I send you a phone to fix?

  • How do I send you a phone to fix?

  • PHONE GURU AND AQUATIC APES COLLAB! The cross over I never knew I wanted. My two favourite shorts channels lets go

    • @Phone Repair Guru you said aquatic monkey sent you the phones. Ik its not actually a collab but he sent you the phones so I’ll consider it as one 🤣

    • What? 😂

  • it’s not fake smh

  • Erm why douse that look like my phone

  • You could repair it if you know how to solder. Which is as easy as removing screws.

  • hey can fix my iPhone 7 pls

  • Hey bro I have to do a computer science twenty career presentation and I wanna go into tech repair and I gotta conduct interviews on someone who works in the industry. Would you be interested?

  • First step don't take a screwdriver to it

  • the back "glass"


  • That why I don't use apple products

  • Did he do the video yet

  • I love watching your videos but seriously now you gotta get those fingernails in check!

  • R.I.P: pull thing R.I.P: volumes and power man R.I.P: iShiricon ;(

  • It doesn't look disgusting on all phones tho Pairing a black screen with a silver housing is awesome Sadly with iPhones it's ugly thanks to the home button

  • How much was it

  • 4:49 my iPhone 8 with iOS 13 has that

  • Can’t lie, this is a really good fake ....

  • I think you're supposed to hit it, not press on it.

  • How do I get my battery capacity back to 100

  • F

  • When the icon is an Orange you know it's a fake lol.

  • Battery life down by 50%

  • With the chargers you can also take a pocket knife and individually scratch the little contacts on your Apple charger not hard but softly and it’ll clean them up

  • "Guess where i found it? Wish!" *Aight, imma head out*

  • I also need an SE 2016 board because mine is water damaged and needs some micro-soldering so I thinks I just need a working logic board nd touch id

    • If any one has any, just drop you email or number. And yeah I'm from India 🇮🇳 so an Indian would be nice

  • I don’t think you “tap” right on the apple. Try taping beside the apple and see if that works 🤣 love your vids

  • The knife, is a opening tool. TikTok is stupid

  • I thought it was the wall paper

  • it’s very easy to do what they did in his video, I have everything ready, I just need a laser machine.....

  • That crunch thought 🤤

  • Why do you Support Stift like this