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ER Tech turned MuFKR


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52:35WE COOKING! Bakin Brownies!
WE COOKING! Bakin Brownies! MuFKR.comAufrufe 11 Tsd.Vor 14 Stunden
0:38Tips from the ER: Hot Cheetos #shorts
56:49WE COOKIN! Beef and Fusilli
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36:31WE COOKIN! 🍍🍈🔪
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1:01Tips from the ER: EASTER #shorts
1:03:08WE COOKIN! Fajitas👨‍🍳
WE COOKIN! Fajitas👨‍🍳 MuFKR.comAufrufe 13 Tsd.Vor 14 Tage
0:55Tips from the Emergency Room: JAW DISLOCATION


  • Note to myself.. stay in Europe

  • Oh no I'm gonna have a 0.1% chance or lower at going to the ER for breathing problems? Guess ill isolate and kill myself from the depression. Seriously, none of you understand how bad isolation is for younger people, especially young children.

  • They're always way too big though lmao. The "short sleeves" usually go past my elbows, which doesn't seem helpful

  • I had a collapsed lung in Hight School

  • I love how he actes like he don't get paid enough for this #### 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣also im terrified.

  • If you could legally stab someone if they did this he would not hesitate to stab him

  • How can he those without dying

  • Why does it take 8 hours to get Out of the ER🤷🏻‍♀️

  • "Split theyr chin open on a coffee table" lol reminded me that i fell of the back of the couch onto the edge of the coffee table with my teeth. One tooth turned blue and jjst stayed like that till i got it pulled 5 years later

  • clickbait. thats minnie mouse

  • That's like my brother

  • My friend’s family is pretty poor now because about a year ago her little sister broke her leg and hit her head(idk something like that) and they went to the ER but it costed a lot...


  • O2 and flatulence

  • Anyone else read title and think he is going to talk about Farts.

  • I pass 2-3 mother fucking stones at least once a month... 3-5 energy drinks and not enough water or proper eating habbits daily for too many years will do that to a mother fucker... I'm 34 and been dealing with this since 2009/10 ish... Bills gotta git paid somehow right?

  • My ears get clogged often, but I never use Q-tips to clean my ears. I don't put anything inside my ears.

  • Lol, not knowing the cost of treatment is exactly why I avoid medical professionals / facilities in the first place.

  • I love watching this guy he makes my day hehrhe

  • When i was like 4 i hated shots so much that there were about 3 people holding me down and one talking to me Now i dont know why i did that but the idea of sticking a needle about a inch in me i fident like

  • I would take the scorpion bite

  • Tips from the ER : Shinplints (much athletes follow and watch you! Help us out)

  • Bro imagine to pulvirize the kidney stone the doctors just take out a bunch of bats

  • #4 could be trapped gas lol

  • Wait does ER not treat you without pants?? Now way right, he had a short where he said that ppl are prefered naked for examination and shit.

  • People who live in Canada: understandable have a great day

  • annoying

  • This is the most passive agressive thing ever

  • This dude is insufferable. I wish DEname would stop putting his stupid face on my screen.

  • Burns so good, like getting that itch you can't scratch.

  • You are the best. Halarious. I'm in Massachusetts ♥️ congrats on your sub count ♥️♥️

  • I remember when my little brother was 3 years old, he was jumping from one couch to another, and he just suddenly busted his chin. But anyways, my parents took him to the ER and it took 5 or 6 nurses to pin him down while they tried to close his chin with stitches

  • Stop being so passive agressive please.

  • Hi from the Netherlands!!!

  • I went to my doctor's office (this was in 1994) had a x-ray and the said I had a pneumothorax, they said are you in pain. I said no, they all looked at me and said I should go to the ER. So I hopped into my car and drove to the ER. I walked in and they asked what the problem was I said I had a pneumothorax (I still did not know what the term meant) . They looked at the x-ray gave a wheelchair and wheeled me passed all the other people. I said I guess this is serious, the said nothing. (Still thinking I going home), when the started undressing me and when the female nurse started taking of my pants without asking me I said I guess I not going home this afternoon. She was like err no you'll be here for a while. I was fun watching them deciding what size hose the should use (I'm still clueless). Then the are deciding which rib to put it between 🙄🙄 (Looking back they were training the newer ER doc, I have no problem with that, got to learn somehow 😄) I vaguely remember the the tube going it. Several days later the took it out, now that want an interesting procedure. Man that was fast

  • My stomach occasionally aches, stops when I eat, then starts back up if I stop eating

  • I had abdominal pain and there were like your ghulblader exploded turns out I had cancer

  • Honestly, pretty smart, ngl

  • This guy needs to adjust his entire attitude he's an ass

  • Yo this dude is no the best . When he curses it makes me smile 🤣🤣

  • He brought out his inner Samuel L Jackson for this video

  • I had an aspirin overdose and they shot me up with a lot of saline. It really wasn't the needle that made me uncomfortable it was more the freaking coldness from the saline

  • And thats why, sometimes I like being a woman...

  • I’m from aus

  • What if you actually can’t afford it

  • Well the medical cost is only that big in the us out of almost every single developing country

  • Me a European after he says ability to pay: * hysterical laughing*

  • When he said FINE i felt attacked xd

  • So, are you trying to make me avoid a trip to the E.R. or is that just a natural vibe or..?


  • Pennsylvania here

  • Perks of living in the comonwealth

  • I’m thankful I don’t have to pay thx NHS

  • Pff you have ambulances? Here, firefighters arrive because there is no ambulances near. If there are ambulances they take a while.

  • 𝙾𝚑𝚜 𝙷𝙸𝙿𝙰𝙰

  • I had brain surgery and I have 2 IVs if you complain and if you have 1 IV that’s just sad.

  • Anyone else just ever so slightly afraid of this guy? I think it's the professional smile as he curses at us.

  • Dog trainer here, dog bites are bad but puppy bites are way worse. Little shits have razors in their mouths. Anywho if you're working with a dog that's still new to training please wear long sleeves and jeans till the dog is trained and comfortable. I hate to see a good dog go to waste.

  • New York state

  • Why would you tackle someone holding a baby? Won't they drop it?

  • Had a kidney stone in 4th grade it was horrible.

  • Okay and who has 10k just sitting around? Not me. I lost my job back in February due to COVID and am now having to starve myself to pay for my hospital bills, which is in turn making me even more sick than I was before.

  • I like this guy already.

  • Happy 200k man, didn't realize you were brand new to youtube but thats awesome. Do a video on catheters next

  • Bedpans. I was in the hospital with GBS. The pandemic hit about 3 weeks later while I was still in a snf... SEVERE peripheral neuropathy, inability to move, stand or roll over (along with many other things not important here). What did WE run out of? If you guessed "Bedpans"... You win!

  • ngl i found those gowns beautiful when i was little i still do

  • Gee thanks American health system

  • His brain when he's trying to stay calm (internal screaming)

  • Screw it XD

  • Yea ok but then what is the correct way to clean out ears

  • *let's go of water cup*

  • Imagine watching this video without any sound 👀👀🤣

  • Story time: I was at the dentist and the waiting room was pretty full, there was this middle aged guy with a box of jelly filled dount COVERED in sugar and chocolate drizzle who walked into the waiting room and talked extremely loudly to the receptionist (so everyone heard it). He said 'I'm here to see the dentist' the receptionist said 'Ohok, are you here to check your teeth or do you have a problem with it?' He answered 'My teeth hurts, I think I have a cavity' while eating his donuts. The receptionist asked nicely for him to either put the dount box in his backpack or throw them away since eating was not aloud there. He said 'I AM A FREE MAN! I CAN EAT AND DO WHATEVER I LIKE!' The receptionist asked 'You know you'll have to pay for the consequences you know?' He (again) rudely replyed 'I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CONSEQUENCES!' And the receptionist said calmly 'Well then sir, why are you here then?' xDD the man just left the place screaming SCREW YOU xDD Best.Receptionist.Ever

  • Usually people ending their videos like that isn't funny- but holy shit, this is the exception XD

  • just might do something stupid to pay you a visit in the ER

  • Okay but i want to kill my enemies *with* pain so that might be an issue

  • You right 😅🍁

  • This is true. I swear I did this all the time when I was transporting. Find the hottest nurse in the ER at the desk and be like. Hiiiiii. It is soooo quiet in here tonight. 🤪😁

    • And then watch everyone die on the inside. Me included.

  • Arazona