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Sometimes it's just not what you think...

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1:00A Ship that Carries Ships #shorts
A Ship that Carries Ships #shortsAufrufe 27 Tsd.Vor Tag
0:58Where's the Pilot? #shorts
Where's the Pilot? #shortsAufrufe 159 Tsd.Vor Tag
1:00Too BIG to be Ignored #shorts
Too BIG to be Ignored #shortsAufrufe 1,2 Mio.Vor Tag
0:49Two Ways to Launch Missiles #shorts
Two Ways to Launch Missiles #shortsAufrufe 1,6 Mio.Vor 7 Tage
0:54Not a Typical Aircraft Carrier #shorts
Not a Typical Aircraft Carrier #shortsAufrufe 1,2 Mio.Vor 7 Tage
1:00This is Not a Tank #shorts
0:51Did it Land? SpaceX SN9 Test Flight #shorts
1:00Why this Ship Exists? #shorts
Why this Ship Exists? #shortsAufrufe 4,2 Mio.Vor Monat



  • Wow that was a big shark you got

  • For some reason everybody thinks you need a heavy slug or massive round to put down a bear. People hunt bears with bows all the time. Any normal hunting caliber will do. They're not bulletproof.

  • meanwhile, united states ranks last in healthcare. priorities.

  • damn so this what IKEA been up to

  • anybody here after sn10 i am. wonderful success today

  • Better yet, it wasn't even imperial, it was customary.

  • Here's an idea: Don't swim in their ocean. Problem solved

  • The beluga plane got the pregnant guppy pregnant

  • Listen to your accent and you wanna talk about the usaf gtfoh

  • It looks like that new UAV in cod

  • My dad made ejection seats for over 30 years and worked for Martin - Baker. I wonder if anyone ever had to use one of his?

  • Seems like 1 bullet would be enough to make the whole damn thing sink😛

  • To this very day, I don’t believe that sharks only attack because of mistaken identity. Those mfs just get hungry and don’t discriminate it seems lol.

  • Interesting, will try it out tomorrow morning when i wake up. Goodnight

  • I still prefer old destroyers

  • If it's Elon Musk. He would make that software to put that anchor ⚓ down and up saves up more money. NASA: hold my computer and beer.

  • RIP to all that list their lives that day. Except those who set off these attacks

  • better than dying

  • Ah yes, the bootleg area 51. Area 52


  • I already got thalassophobia swimming in 2+ meters pool, i think i'll pass on diving in open seas lol

  • I never knew we had toothbrush ships

  • Then explored

  • I would've thought cruise ships are white since it signified an unarmed vessel/aircraft. so in other words, it not what I thought.

  • Nah,he is just the intelligent guy of my plane gang,and he also carry the snacks for us,u offended him

  • Disagree - Ford can do 30 knots virtually indefinitely- if the Queen Elizabeth tried that her range between refueling would be substantially reduced - the need for this is rare - but can happen - also keep in mind that the space saved on carrying fuel means the Ford can carry more aviation fuel - it’s not cost savings it’s more effectiveness

  • Well... The sn10 just landed successfully on the landingpat

  • Hm, dunno what imma use that info for but, uhm... I guess thanks?

  • I used the ship to lift the ship

  • Wtf is the kkk up to ?

  • Ass backwards

  • The simplicity of the synchronized rotors kind of makes you wonder why this wasn't always a thing. The remote pilot option is where this gets interesting. I don't see any real reason to see it as anything but good. I can think of plenty of non-combat and civilian helicopter pilots that need one of these.

  • Did he just say M1 Abrams? muh- muh- muh freebrams

  • What if you shot the skirts?

  • Looks like Vincent Kompany

  • No sharks in the British Isles, far to cold Thank goodness

  • This is going to dominate

  • you missed out a whole section nuclear docks ? some country have banned this ships from docking due to the nuclear martials on board , repairs on these ships can only be made in special nuclear ports aka most of the docks is in America , also the nuclear technology on any ship can be traced and tracked as the Russians have special aerials on there subs to go nuclear hunting as , then you got the nuclear waste to think about , when running with a vehicle you need to look at all angles repairs , maintenance , fuel ,jet fuel, food , mail and staff safety if everywhere in world has one thing its just common knowledge , safer, cleaner easier just to keep it that way at the bigger picture level nuclear isn't all its seems to be , from the massive amounts spent to hold the dead cells to the amount dead from the spillages of nuclear waste , to be banned in some country's , its not worth it , then the huge down time for the nuclear repairs there is a clear winner and if you cant see it your nuclear blind

  • Incredible feat of engineering Is defective

  • The x-29 wedge

  • Ya learn something new everyday And school doesn’t count

  • "with two rotors next to each other, tuning in different Directions, so that they don't Touch each other"... Engineer who put one gear to much in the gearbox: 🤫😃

  • Do they pull it back up with their hands

  • Crazy cause those can be upgraded to use green energy too. Kind sad it got ditched just cause the gov. didn't get their cut.

  • Eject at Mach 20

  • Perseverance helicopter... Lool 😂

  • I love how clean everything is kept in the US NAVY.

  • What would happen if those twinblades collided each other?

  • Can this fit in my honda civic?

  • I like how it shows an F-5A HMMMM Maybe thats the Aircraft that got it pregnant🤣

  • Trigger! Take down the arsenal bird, only you can do this.

  • “Alot of shark attacks are due to mistaken identity” Oh ok well that makes total sense im sure they’ve polled all the sharks and asked enough of them to make an accurate assumption

  • Take out the rubber skirts and it is useless. It looks cool but to easy to take out.

  • Hmm again not what I thought... Love the content, keep it up

  • UFO based drone

  • None, it was a trust controller. Lol

  • Am I the only one who reminds this to the helicopter in Battlefield V firestorm ?

  • If Only They had this on D-Day!

  • О чём я понял но был рад до слёз. Если она ещё утонуло то праздник сделал. Дай Бог чтоб они ещё и тонули.

  • “You might get a whiplash” You have billions of dollars to spend and you don’t have a solution to that? Motorsports already has a solution called the Hans Device.

  • Well sorry I never for once wondered. I only wonder why DEname is showing me this

  • I love how people are complaining about the bureaucracy of NASA. When the real blame should be on people who still cling on to the imperial system. Get over it, keep up with the rest of the world for god sakes.

  • My brain says the inside clips are inside a building and not inside a ship

  • "Sorry, we didn't know it was invisible".

  • I love these videos

  • This is the NATO designated Typhoon clad ballistic missile submarine. Got I really get tired of fools like this guy who can’t even get the damn name right. Buffoon 🤓

  • Short answer it’s expensive and unnecessary with sort takeoff technology


  • I find it extremely cute though

  • Why the fuck would you get punished for ejecting?? I mean you dont do this on purpose like: I have this sudden urge to eject...

  • Why the hell would there be a punishment exactly?

  • Why washing it? Does the salt damages the interior of the ship. Please explain

  • I remember this was in San Diego

  • Video name: Will it land? Background picture: explosion

  • not gonna lie it looks good anyway

  • Ummmmmmmmmm yeah aahhhhh.... #nope Not today.. See that's why I don't swim...

  • Wow 😳

  • So the ship is both wet and erected

  • My brain: Tumor plane