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26:01Speedrunning Flash Games from your childhood
14:50Can you beat Pokemon without DEALING Damage?
34:19I was paid to speedrun Cooking Mama
I was paid to speedrun Cooking MamaAufrufe 1,8 Mio.Vor 2 Monate
18:55Mario Odyssey but the Loading Zones are all wrong
51:11Pokemon FireRed but I added too many rules
Pokemon FireRed but I added too many rulesAufrufe 2,3 Mio.Vor 3 Monate
18:45Fighting ALL BOSSES AT ONCE in Breath of the Wild
48:26I turned the floor in Mario Odyssey to lava
20:28The Update to Relics of the Past is insane...
23:50Mario Odyssey but the floor is lava
Mario Odyssey but the floor is lavaAufrufe 2,1 Mio.Vor 5 Monate
51:09Pokemon Ruby but all opponents have wonder guard
26:20Minecraft but the Floor is Lava
Minecraft but the Floor is LavaAufrufe 1,1 Mio.Vor 6 Monate
40:47Custom Mario Odyssey Kingdoms are Amazing...
21:39Hardcore Minecraft but I can't Jump...
Hardcore Minecraft but I can't Jump...Aufrufe 886 Tsd.Vor 6 Monate



  • The fact that this guy cheated in that kind of public situation and thought it was okay means he probably cheated his way to other things he has in life and got away with it.

  • Why don’t you kill the Gardians be for the fight

  • Ok as soon as I saw that he was speed running calculators I was confused

  • 8:51

  • 11:10 my left arm is weaker *using right arm*

  • well i think you wasted all of your luck in a single gameplay

  • Dude I appreciate how quickly you recognized Sea Shanty. RS music is so underappreciated

  • 20 minutes baby


  • Townsville is a popular city i been their and the pop cycle name is weird also in an aussie

  • You need 6 hots to do this

  • At first glance 13$ is a lot for a calculator, but have you looked at the price of scientific calculators?! Oh wait I can use Google for math for free.

  • Yep, bridge bastions give you 16 pearls on average, totally true.

  • So basically it's small ant Jacking for 20mins 😂

  • 4:24 Me: have you been listening to me listen to that song on repeat for 20 hours a day?

  • It's just like Lost Pause and the Jelly Donut joke, the more you say you hate it the more your audience is going to use it. Besides, you actually sounded really good in the clips I've seen of you singing that song. You might not like how it sounds, yourself... but you should be proud that you have fans who enjoy the natural talent you have when singing.

  • Anyone who sees's this Subscribe to small ant as his videos are awesome

  • Tanner: **does media share** Chat: *i think we all know where this is going.* Ok to be fair there are a lot of things that normally happen, I'm talking about fly me to the moon

  • you get my sub my guy you deserve it

  • man has god like luck

  • 14:13

  • 7:07 what is that

  • i accidentally put creative mode on in a speed run my bad guys

  • Did they speak swedish at 10:30?

  • The aggressive exchange noteworthily file because fact energetically fold along a crazy linda. lamentable, adventurous space

  • These are 10x better at 3am

  • I am glad that love live made it in the video even if its just the meme. Would be nice to get a Mari video though, she's got a lot of good ones.


  • I will kill anyone who disrespects wooper


  • I hate the way you brush your teeth and I hate the way I enjoy it more that way as well.

  • "dream luck" is just hacking

  • I'm pretty sure Dream isn't the biggest MC youtuber.

  • Richard Watterson has taught you well.

  • Man the one who mediashared Improver’s wildcard is a legend.

  • When ur waiting for the beat drop in the wii shop theme... Edit: oh no, it was a troll, leaving all of us with amassed disappointment🙁

  • When ant recognizes Newfoundland and our accent 🥰🥰

  • I havent installed this yet and i plan on doing so, but before i do, can you set your hotkeys to be buttons on a controller, or do they have to be on a keyboard?

  • That wingsuit guy just turned into iron man

  • Would it be weird if I told you that I found this channel through this video because I watch Failboat

  • Im ngl I watched this the first time thinking getting anything messed up reset the run

  • I’m so confused do dmcas just not exist for u

  • cutest water type: wooper cutest fire type: wooper cutest grass type: wooper cutest flying type: wooper cutest poison type: wooper cutest steel type: wooper cutest fairy type: wooper cutest dark type: wooper cutest psychic type: wooper cutest ice type: wooper cutest electric type: wooper cutest fighting type: wooper cutest ground type: wooper cutest rock type: wooper cutest bug type: wooper cutest ghost type: wooper cutest normal type: wooper conclusion: wooper is the cutest of all types

  • if you look closely, you can see a part of his soul leave when he hears himself sing

  • yes

  • If the playback is .5 it sounds like Ant is drunk

  • I hate this video..... I hate this video because it got me addicted to Minion Fart Gun....

  • 30:00

  • Is anyone else constantly getting a knockoff Pokémon ad and getting really annoyed because I am and just needed to vent or probably no one

  • 15:57 what’s the qiwi video called

  • How is DEname on switch free but Calculator $13?

  • try nuzlocking fire red

  • 3:19 can't defeat the champion? Mah-dry-bread be like : I beat Fire Red with only MAGIKARP This is just a joke

  • mod name… no fr i wanna make a video about this pls not cheating an official speed run lol

  • I love how excited he was about getting mama arrested for making shark fin soup.

  • "Oh you hate this shrine? It's not so bad" Top 10 famous last words before disaster

  • 3:43 Shinra fire force moment

  • 8:24 as someone from Newfoundland i agree with you tanner

  • No one is talking about he casually ate his own kind on stream

  • Sometime I should do a baton pass team and just juice X items

  • I think getting the legendary at the end of this game is the first time a pokemon game let you send a Mon to the box from afar

  • N a nice guy for healing you at least

  • Severely outplaying a children's beast capture video game

  • Okay but now beat super mario odyssey while juggling your two joycons and a rubik’s cube that you are solving. At the same time, you must also be playing DDR with your right foot and breath of the wild 100% with your left foot. You must also do pencil sharpening speedruns using only your upper left front tooth. Also every 3 minutes and 47 seconds you must stop and say “you like jazz” to the camera. Finally you have to find a good comment suggestion in order to end the run once you’ve done everything else.

  • Wish he didn’t resort to double team by the third gym, really made the rest of the run formulaic

  • What a cool run

  • Man that Durant was a real beast but...why did it have to be named smantanner

  • Honestly based that the room design and theme for the dark type elite four member is designed as a rich asshole lol

  • Why is nobody talking about how ungodly his button smashing is. Like good smashing lmao.

  • This is my 5th time watching this, this video is a masterpiece

  • smant im so sorry for asking can u use an auto clicker and the clip is at 13:07 im so dumb

  • why does ant have one extra heart

  • Ok ant, there are some things you don’t want to speed run

  • We do need to change the alphabet. Þ needs to be readded.

  • Straight watched a whole movie lol


  • Smant you made it weird

  • I love the 20 minutes joke

  • Oh no a bear dick